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topics in visual literacy
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Course Topics
Related Readings
Definition(s) of Visual Literacy
Symbol due (#1); (Dondis), (McKim), M&D: Chap 1,2,3,6
Psychology of Perception
Bring a favorite photo
M&D: Chap. 2,4,7,&10
Williams, TBA

Decoding Visual Images

(Sutton reading)

Design Elements/Visual Literacy
M&D: Chap. 5,10,11

Image Manipulation
M&D: Chap. 12,13
Visual Communications:
Visual Research
(Braden Reading)
M&D: Chap. 22
Visual Language of Motion Media
(Barry reading)
(Monoco suggested reading)
M&D: Chap. 19
Teaching Critical Viewing Skills
(Couch, Seels, Robinson)
M&D: Chap. 14,16
Critical Viewing Curricula
(Arnheim, Eysenck readings)
M&D: Chap. 17,18
Visualization/Visual Thinking
(Lacy, Wiegmann readings)
M&D: Chap. 8