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Lindsay Harris Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, Educational Psychology


Leadership, Educational Psychology and Foundations (LEPF)

Research Interests:

Reading across writing systems; interactions of spoken and written language; individual differences in reading ability; L2 literacy acquisition


Ph.D. University of Pittsburgh, Cognitive Psychology

M.S. University of Pittsburgh, Cognitive Psychology

M.S.T. Pace University, Adolescent Education (English)

B.A. The Ohio State University, English

Recent Publications:

Harris, L. N., Perfetti, C. A., & Rickles, B. (2014). Error-related negativities during spelling judgments expose orthographic knowledge. Neuropsychologia, 54, 112-128.

Perfetti, C. A., & Harris, L. N. (2013). Universal reading processes are modulated by language and writing system.Language Learning and Development, 9(4), 296-316.

Cao, F., Rickles, B., Vu, M., Zhu, Z., Chan, D. H.-L., Harris, L. N., Stafura, J., Xu, Y., & Perfetti, C. A. (2013). Early stage visual-orthographic processes predict long-term retention of word form and meaning: A visual encoding training study. Journal of Neurolinguistics, 26(4), 440-461.

Harris, L. N. (2013). Improved vocabulary outcomes through student reflection: Report from an urban high school.Journal of Classroom Research in Literacy, 6, 14-23.

Cao, F., Vu, M., Lung Chan, D. H., Lawrence, J. M., Harris, L. N., Guan, Q., Xu, Y. & Perfetti, C. A. (2013). Writing affects the brain network of reading in Chinese: A functional magnetic resonance imaging study. Human Brain Mapping, 34: 1670–1684.

Lindsay Harris


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