Educate Global

Do you love to travel and are interested in teaching in diverse classrooms as well as experiencing foreign cultures? Or are you thinking about a career overseas?

Check out Educate Global, the NIU College of Education's unique opportunity for hands-on multicultural teaching. We partner with school districts from around the world to provide first-hand experiences with different cultures, international colleagues and a support system for both your teaching and your explorations of your host country.

Spring and Summer 2022 Opportunity: Indonesia

This experience is being funded by a U.S. Department of Education Title VI Grant. James Cohen, Ph.D., associate professor in our Curriculum and Instruction department will serve as the faculty mentor.

You will receive training and will lead three virtual class sessions with Indonesian students during the spring semester. You will then travel to Indonesia during the summer. Summer instruction will occur in Central Java at the Pradita Dirgantara High School (SMA). Indonesian students are high school seniors ages 17 and 18.

Utilizing a co-teaching model (paired with Indonesian teachers in summer 2022) and adopting a critical pedagogy context, NIU students will deliver English language and global competencies instruction each morning. Afternoon activities will include engaging the students in a "club" context-focused on various interest areas.

Note: Travel to Indonesia is contingent upon COVID-19, vaccine development, production, distribution and the health safety status of the host country. A travel determination will be made in March 2022.