Jodi Lampi
Assistant Professor
Director, Academic Literacy and Learning


Curriculum and Instruction 

Selected Publications

Lampi, J. P., & Paulson, E. P. (2016). Community College Faculty and Disciplinary Writing. International Journal of Learning, Teaching, and Educational Research, 15(12), 112-129.

Caverly, David C., Salsburg Taylor, J., Dimino, R. K., & Lampi, J. P. (2016). Connecting practice to research: Integrated Reading and Writing Instruction Assessment. Journal of Developmental Education, 39(3), 30-31.

Salsburg Taylor, J., Dimino, R. K., Lampi, J. P., & Caverly, D. C. (2016). Connecting practice to research: Making informed pedagogical decisions. Journal of Developmental Education, 39(2), 30-31.

Lampi, J. P., Dimino, R. K., & Taylor, J. S. (2015). Connecting practice to research: A shared growth professional development model. Journal of Developmental Education39(1), 32-33.

Armstrong, S. L., & Lampi, J. P. (2015).  Research on national best practices in college and career readiness. Redefining the high school to college transition in Illinois (State of the field review). Retrieved from the Illinois High School to College Transition Project website: 

Payne, E. M., Reardon, R. F., Janysek, D. M., Lorenz, M., & Lampi, J. P. (2013). Impact on student performance: Texas adult education teacher credential study preliminary results

Selected Presentations

Reynolds, T., Lampi, J. P., Rush, L., & Holschuh, J. P. (2016, Dec.). In pursuit of equity: Disciplinary literacy in English/language arts. Literacy Research Association, Nashville, TN.

Armstrong, S. L., Stahl, N. A., & Lampi, J. P. (2016, Dec.). When the textbook is the curriculum: A content analysis of integrated reading and writing textbooks. Literacy Research Association, Nashville, TN.

Lampi, J. P., Holschuh, J. P, & Armstrong, S. L. (2016, Nov.). Navigating science text: Disciplinary strategies for teachers of developmental reading. College Reading and Learning Association, Louisville, KY.

Armstrong, S. L., Stahl, N. A., & Lampi, J. P. (2016, Nov.). Textbook curricula: An analysis of integration models within IRW texts. College Reading and Learning Association, Louisville, KY.

Saumby, S. G., & Lampi, J. P. (2016, Nov.). Applying theory to practice in program evaluation. College Reading and Learning Association, Louisville, KY.

Lampi, J. P., Armstrong, S. L., & Paulson, E. J. (2016, March). Teaching with metaphor: A golden opportunity to explore student and faculty conceptualizations. National Association of Developmental Education, Anaheim, CA.

Paulson, E. J., & Lampi, J. P. (2016, March). Intersection of metacognition and reading: Research on students’ awareness of strategy employment. National Association of Developmental Education, Anaheim, CA.

Courses Taught

  • LTRE 100 – Communication Skills (Reading)
  • LTRE 190 – College Reading and Study Strategies
  • LTRE 512 – Disciplinary Reading Instruction at the Postsecondary Level
  • LTRE 518 – Curriculum and Program-Level Design in Postsecondary Reading
  • LTRE 519 – Teaching Postsecondary Reading (practical)
  • LTRE 521 – Postsecondary Reading Assessment
  • LTCY 592 – Special Topics in Literacy Education (Integrated Reading and Writing)
  • LTRE 719 – Principles and Methods of Teaching Postsecondary Reading (theoretical)

Jodi Lampi


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