Jodi Lampi
Associate Professor
Director, Academic Literacy and Learning


Curriculum and Instruction 

Selected Publications

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Selected Presentations

Reynolds, T., Lampi, J. P., Rush, L., & Holschuh, J. P. (2016, Dec.). In pursuit of equity: Disciplinary literacy in English/language arts. Literacy Research Association, Nashville, TN.

Armstrong, S. L., Stahl, N. A., & Lampi, J. P. (2016, Dec.). When the textbook is the curriculum: A content analysis of integrated reading and writing textbooks. Literacy Research Association, Nashville, TN.

Lampi, J. P., Holschuh, J. P, & Armstrong, S. L. (2016, Nov.). Navigating science text: Disciplinary strategies for teachers of developmental reading. College Reading and Learning Association, Louisville, KY.

Armstrong, S. L., Stahl, N. A., & Lampi, J. P. (2016, Nov.). Textbook curricula: An analysis of integration models within IRW texts. College Reading and Learning Association, Louisville, KY.

Saumby, S. G., & Lampi, J. P. (2016, Nov.). Applying theory to practice in program evaluation. College Reading and Learning Association, Louisville, KY.

Lampi, J. P., Armstrong, S. L., & Paulson, E. J. (2016, March). Teaching with metaphor: A golden opportunity to explore student and faculty conceptualizations. National Association of Developmental Education, Anaheim, CA.

Paulson, E. J., & Lampi, J. P. (2016, March). Intersection of metacognition and reading: Research on students’ awareness of strategy employment. National Association of Developmental Education, Anaheim, CA.

Courses Taught

  • LTRE 100 – Communication Skills (Reading)
  • LTRE 190 – College Reading and Study Strategies
  • LTRE 512 – Disciplinary Reading Instruction at the Postsecondary Level
  • LTRE 518 – Curriculum and Program-Level Design in Postsecondary Reading
  • LTRE 519 – Teaching Postsecondary Reading (practical)
  • LTRE 521 – Postsecondary Reading Assessment
  • LTCY 592 – Special Topics in Literacy Education (Integrated Reading and Writing)
  • LTRE 719 – Principles and Methods of Teaching Postsecondary Reading (theoretical)

Jodi Lampi


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