David González Nieto, Ph.D.
Associate Professor


Curriculum and Instruction


  • Ph.D., Education Policy, McCormack Graduate School of Policy and Global Studies, University of Massachusetts at Boston
    • Dissertation: “The Politics of Official English: Exploring the Intentions and the Outcomes behind English-only Policies in the U.S.”
  • M.S., Public Policy, University of Massachusetts
  • M.A., Applied Linguistics, University of Massachusetts
  • B.A., Political Science and Sociology, Universidad Complutense, Madrid, Spain

Research Interests

Departing from an impetus to promote social justice, David Nieto’s research focuses on the areas of education policy, language and equity. In particular, he is interested in policies and practices that shape the education of culturally and linguistically diverse students. In addition, his interests include teacher preparation and leadership in diverse settings, bilingual education, English language development, multiliteracies and language policy in education.

Recent Publications


Nieto, D., Escamilla, K., Almanza, E., Hogan, T., & Rodríguez, J. (Eds.) (2023). ¡Qué BUENO! A history of advocacy and care for culturally and linguistically diverse education. Velázquez Press.

Journal Articles

  • Nieto, D. (2023). Enseñando en español: Experiencia, formación y recursos lingüísticos del profesorado bilingüe. Bilingual Review / Revista Bilingüe, 35(1), 1–18.
  • Nieto, D. G. (2021). Making it official: The institutionalization of the hegemony of English. Education Policy Analysis Archives, 29(96), 1–22.
  • Eller, S., and Nieto, D. (2021). Idiolect and Identity: Fourth Grade Students’ Translanguaging, Comprehension, and Self-Identity. Association of Mexican American Educators Journal, 15(3), 88–106.
  • Nieto, D. G., and Garcia, R. (2021). Migrant students and College Assistance Migrant Programs: A promising pathway to higher education success. The Journal of Migrant Education, 2(1), 16–29.
  • Nieto, D. and Nguyen, A. (2021). Strategizing assessment to support emerging bilingual students: a focus on the home language. Multicultural Learning and Teaching, 18(2), 239–250.
  • Nieto, D. (2020). La educación bilingüe en los Estados Unidos: Programas, perspectivas, retos y lecciones. Revista Española de Educación Comparada, 36, 130–145.
  • Nieto, D. (2009). A Brief History of Bilingual Education in the United States. Penn GSE Perspectives on Urban Education Journal, 6(1), 61–72.
  • Nieto, D. (2007). The Emperor’s New Words: Language and Colonization. Human Architecture: Journal of the Sociology of Self-Knowledge, 5(3), 231–237.

Selected Recent Presentations

  • Nieto, D., and Eller, S. (2023, April). But do we belong? Contrasting experiences of diverse teachers in Spanish dual language bilingual programs. American Educational Research Association (AERA) Annual Meeting, Chicago, IL.
  • Eller, S. and Nieto, D. (2022, April). Idiolect and Identity: Fourth grade Students’ Translanguaging, Comprehension, and Self-Identity. American Educational Research Association (AERA) Annual Meeting, San Diego, CA.
  • Nieto, D. (2021, November). El desarrollo de la lectoescritura en español: Teoría y práctica. La Cosecha Conference. Virtual Conference.
  • Nieto, D., and Clickenbeard, M. (2021, April). Challenges, effects, and Grst responses for Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Learners at the onset of COVID-19 in the United States. 2021 NAELPA Virtual Conference.
  • Nieto, D., Almanza, E., McGrath, A., and Strong, K. (2020, November). Experiences with Peer Tutoring and Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Learners in Secondary Schools. La Cosecha Conference. Virtual Conference.
  • Nieto, D. (2020, June). Leading for Equity in a Multilingual Multicultural World. Illinois Migrant Statewide Conference. Virtual Conference. (Keynote presentation)

Courses Taught

  • LTIC 400/500: Foundations of Teaching Multilingual Learners
  • LTIC 301/501: Multicultural Curriculum and Methods
  • LTIC 525: Spanish Literacy in Dual Language Contexts
  • LTIC 420/520: Methods and Materials for Teaching Multilingual Learners in Content Areas
  • LTIC 445/545: Applied Linguistics for Teachers in Multilingual Classrooms
  • LTIC 598: Research Issues in Teaching Multilingual Learners


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