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"A great 'refueling' experience. The depth of conversations that are occur are life-changing. I truly believe that without the Social Justice Summer Camp our district would not have made as much progress as we did. Thank you for all of your support in this journey."

"The Social Justice Summer Camp was incredibly eye-opening and enlightening. This experience helped bring our school closer as a staff and helped inform us to make better educational decisions as teachers and principals (five teachers and our principal attended together from our school). This experience helped us to collaborate as a team and set forth a plan to use with the rest of our staff and our students. I believe every teacher should be required to attend Social Justice Summer Camp to help provide the best relationship and school year for every student."

"This was an amazing experience and I enjoyed being a catalyst for change."

"The presenters were outstanding. This was different and more than I expected. I will be at the next Social Justice Camp."

"The historical context shared in most of the sessions laid the foundation for the inner work that all of us must engage in. I want Social Justice and the pursuit of equity to be my legacy. This experience has changed me as an educator."

"The speakers shared their personal selves with the audience and really connected with us."

"We hardly ever get to connect with the people that we work with everyday. I really appreciate being able to go back to our pods and decompress."

"There were so many choices. I now have tons of books to read and tons of movies to watch."

"The different perspectives and cultures that were shared were soul stirring. We were blessed to learn from so many different people. A conference like this is unheard of for the cost. More educators should be in attendance."

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