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Since 2005, the School Counselor Institute (SCI) has offered the prerequisite courses and testing required for Professional Educator Licenses with endorsement in School Counseling from the Illinois State Board of Education. People who have earned master's degrees in counseling or a related field can complete the program in an expedited time frame. Institute students must complete a course on addressing special populations of Illinois students as well as the laws and programs that meet the needs of those exceptional children. Such a course can be taken at NIU or through any approved college or university that offers an endorsed equivalent course.

School Counseling Training Content

  • Post-secondary College and Career Counseling for School Counselors
  • Counseling with Children
  • Consultation and Management of Developmental School Counseling Programs
  • School Counseling: Programs, Issues and Practices
  • Multiculturalism and Social Justice in School Counseling

Classroom-based Training Content

  • Classroom management
  • Curriculum and climate in school settings
  • Child and adolescent development
  • Social and emotional wellness
  • English language learners
  • Literacy support

School Counseling Content Test

Students must successfully complete the School Counseling Content Test (Test 181) at least one semester before the internship. We suggest taking the content test as early as possible. Failure to pass this test could require postponement of the internship.

Internship in School Counseling

We define an internship as a supervised learning experience designed to provide students with opportunities to implement, in an actual work setting, the knowledge and theory acquired in their coursework. It is the responsibility of the student, in consultation with the SCI coordinator, to pursue intensive school counseling internship site placements able to provide the diverse and comprehensive experience needed for a successful internship.


Application Information

The School Counselor Institute is scheduled to be offered starting January of even-numbered years pending sufficient numbers of eligible candidates.

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Application Deadlines

  • Early: November 1
  • General: December 1
  • Late: January 15 

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