Faculty and Staff Directory


Name Title Phone Email Office
Greg Conderman Department Chair 815-753-8436 gconderman@niu.edu Gabel 162D

Advising/Clinical Coordination

Name Title Phone Email Office
Barbara Amberg Undergraduate LBS-1 and Vision Candidate Advisor 815-753-9034 bamberg@niu.edu Gabel 161C
Kate Donohue Early Childhood Education Advisor 815-753-9034 cdonohue@niu.edu Gabel 161E
Leslie B. Hecht Graduate Advisor 815-753-0381 lbhecht@niu.edu Gabel 159C
Valerie Sawyer Clinical Coordinator 815-753-8356 vsawyer@niu.edu Gabel 161

Office Support Staff

Name Title Phone Email Office
Laura Harris Office Manager 815-753-8421 lharris1@niu.edu Gabel 159D
Gail Myers Office Support Specialist 815-753-0381 gmyers@niu.edu Gabel 162

Early Childhood Education Faculty

Name Title Phone Email Office
Stephanie DeSpain Assistant Professor 815-753-4609 sdespain@niu.edu Gabel 162C
Myoungwhon Jung Associate Professor 815-753-9465 mjung@niu.edu Gabel 166B
Natalie Young Assistant Professor 815-753-2845 nyoung@niu.edu Gabel 166G
Robin Miller Young Assistant Professor 815-753-8082 ryoung3@niu.edu Gabel 162E

Special Education Faculty

Name Title Phone Email Office
Natalie Andzik Assistant Professor 815-753-8430 nandzik@niu.edu Gabel 162L
Jeffrey Chan Associate Professor 815-753-8633 jeffchan@niu.edu Gabel 162G
Lydia Gerzel-Short Visiting Assistant Professor 815-753-4609 lgerzelshort2@niu.edu Gabel 162L
Laura Hedin Associate Professor 815-753-5374 lhedin@niu.edu Gabel 161E
Jesse Johnson Associate Professor 815-753-4267 jwjohnson@niu.edu Gabel 162H
Sarah Johnston-Rodriguez Associate Professor 815-753-6378 sjohnston@niu.edu Gabel 166D
Stacy Kelly Associate Professor 815-753-4103 skelly@niu.edu Graham 230
Lisa Liberty Assistant Professor 815-753-5816 lliberty@niu.edu Gabel 162F
William Penrod Associate Professor 815-753-8452 wpenrod@niu.edu Graham 232A
Erika Blood Pinter Associate Professor 815-753-5739 eblood@niu.edu Gabel 162K
Toni Van Laarhoven Professor 815-753-8084 tvanlaar@niu.edu Gabel 162B

Emeritus Faculty

Name Title Phone Email Office
Gaylen Kapperman Professor Emeritus 815-753-8453 gkapperman@niu.edu Graham 231
Lynette Chandler Professor Emeritus lchandler1@niu.edu

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