About the Department of Special and Early Education


The Department of Special and Early Education is a caring, inclusive community of learners dedicated to developing exemplary educators who are visionary, reflective, collaborative, and effective. We view diversity as a strength, learning as a reciprocal process, teaching as an art and a science, and service as a responsibility. We provide curriculum and instruction grounded in theory, research, and recommended practices. We affirm the relationship between teaching and scholarship, and strive to generate original research and theory that positively influence the education of students and teachers in our state, country, and world.

The Top Seven Reasons Students Pick SEED

  • Personalized attention. From Day One, you'll meet one-on-one with your academic advisor to receive individualized, personalized advising that continues through graduation. You'll also enjoy small class sizes Taught by professors who know your name.
  • Engaged faculty. Our award-winning faculty have real-world teaching experience with children and adults. They conduct cutting-edge educational research in nearby schools – and they welcome your help.
  • Authentic teaching experiences. You'll complete multiple teaching experiences in schools leading up to your student teaching -- far more hours than the minimum t the state requires. You also can practice in Texas and China through the Educate U S and Educate Global programs. These are almost free of charge.
  • Cohort model. You'll complete your professional semesters (typically during your junior and senior years) with the same group of peers across several semesters. This cohort model provides emotional and academic support and leads to close, lifelong friendships.
  • Access to technology. You have access to computer labs housed in the College of Education and all over campus. Special Education majors also enjoy hands-on experiences in our Assistive Technology lab and Vision Disabilities technology lab.
  • Fully accredited. Each SEED program is accredited by a variety of discipline-specific professional organizations. The ongoing accreditation process results in high standards for our candidates and continuous improvement in our curricula.
  • Graduates get hired. Most are hired in teaching positions within the first year of graduation. Vision candidates typically have three job offers before they graduate. Some of our student-teachers are offered positions within the districts where they practiced.