James D. Ressler, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Physical Education Teacher Education


Kinesiology and Physical Education

Research Interests

  • Teacher Preparation
  • Social and Emotional Learning
  • School and University Partnerships


  • Ph.D. The Ohio State University, Physical Education Teacher Education
  • M.S. Eastern Illinois University, Athletic Administration
  • B.A. Baldwin-Wallace College, Physical Education and Sport Management

Recent Papers

  • Ressler, M.B., Ressler, J., and Gordon, B. (2021). Preparing New Zealand's Teachers to Use Culturally Responsive Relationship-Based Pedagogies. International Journal of Teacher Education and Professional Development. 19-33.
  • Ressler, J., Culp, B., Landi, D. and Bainbridge, J. (2021). Social justice and SEL: case studies of promising practices. In P. Wright and K.A.R. Richards (Eds). Integrating Social and Emotional Learning into Physical Education and Beyond. Human Kinetics.
  • Ressler, J. and Wahl-Alexander, Z. (2021). Student voice in physical education and physical activity. In E. Centeio and R. Martinnen (Eds.), Before and After School Approaches to Physical Education and Physical Activity. Routledge. 227-238.
  • Ressler, J. and Rodriguez, A. (2020). Possibilities for leadership in high school physical education. Strategies. 33(6), 50-52.
  • Wahl-Alexander, Z. and Ressler, J. (2020). Recalibrating physical education in an era of physical activity. Journal of Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance. 91 (7), 3-5.
  • Jacobs, J., Richards, K.A.R., Wahl-Alexander, Z., and Ressler, J. (2019). Helping preservice teachers learn to negotiate sociopolitical relationships through a physical education teacher education outdoor education experience. Journal of Teaching in Physical Education. 38, 296-304.
  • Lorson, K., Rider, B., Ressler, J., Ware, L., and Raffle, H., Blinsky, B., and Wainwright, A. (2019). Profile of middle school and high school physical education in Ohio. Future Focus. 39 (1), 15-22.
  • Ressler, J., and Richards, K. A. R. (2019). Transforming in the visiting assistant professor role: Collaborative self-study research in physical education teacher education. Sport, Education and Society. 24 (5), 507-519.
  • Wen, X. and Ressler, J. (2019). Investigating water safety education in China: Discoveries and direction for global improvement. International Journal of Sports Sciences and Health, 5(9-10), 144-149.
  • Wright, P., Howell, S., Jacobs, J., and Ressler, J. (2018). Immediate outcomes and implementation of a sport for development coach education programme in Belize. Journal of Sport for Development, 6(10), 51-65.
  • Lehwald, H. and Ressler, J. (2017). Chapter 4: Basketball. In P. Ward and H. Lehwald (Eds.), Effective physical education content and instruction: An evidence-based and teacher-tested approach. Champaign, IL: Human Kinetics.
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Jim Ressler


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Physical Activity and Life Skills Group

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