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Kinesiology and Physical Education

Administration and Office Staff
Name Title Email Phone Office
Steve Howell KNPE Department Chair and Professor showell2@niu.edu 815-753-1157 Anderson 234
Heather Gerken Office Administrator hgerken@niu.edu 815-753-1407 Anderson 221
Janet Foster Office Support Specialist jfoster5@niu.edu N/A Anderson 221
KNPE Faculty and Instructors
Name Title Email Phone Office
David Benner Instructor, Gerontology dbennerjr@niu.edu 815-753-0392 Anderson 230
Victoria Austin Books Instructor vbooks@niu.edu 815-753-1412 Anderson 125
Clayton Camic Associate Professor ccamic1@niu.edu 815-753-3415 Anderson 228
Rodney Caughron Associate Professor, Exercise Physiology rcaughron@niu.edu 815-753-3907 Anderson 228
Peter Chomentowski Associate Professor, Exercise Physiology pchomentowski@niu.edu 815-753-9190 Anderson 232
Wonock Chung Assistant Professor, Sport Management wchung@niu.edu 815-753-1407 Anderson 223
Todd Gilson Professor and Associate Dean of Research, Resources and Innovation tgilson@niu.edu 815-753-9399 Graham 320
Nicholas Grahovec Assistant Professor and Program Director, Athletic Training Education ngrahovec@niu.edu 815-753-1407 Anderson 235
Shauna Havener Instructor shavener1@niu.edu 815-753-5498 Anderson 139
Shaine Henert Associate Professor and Kinesiology Program Director, Sport and Exercise Psychology shenert@niu.edu 815-753-6358 Anderson 236
Chris Hill Assistant Professor, Biomechanics chill8@niu.edu 815-753-0617 Anderson 235
Farah Ishaq Assistant Professor, Sport Management fishaq@niu.edu N/A Anderson 235
Shelby Ison Visiting Assistant Professor, Physical Education sison@niu.edu 815-753-1510 Anderson 121A
Jenn Jacobs Associate Professor, Sports and Exercise Psychology jmjacobs@niu.edu N/A Anderson 230
Gail Koehling Instructor gkoehling@niu.edu 815-753-0617 Anderson 127
Rachel Kowal Instructor rkowal1@niu.edu 815-753-1875 Anderson 223
Karisa Kuipers Instructor kfuerniss1@niu.edu N/A N/A
Brandon Male Instructor bmale2@niu.edu 815-753-5625 Anderson 204
Dawn Norwood Assistant Professor, Sport Management dnorwood@niu.edu N/A Anderson 223
William Pitney Professor, Athletic Training and Acting Dean wpitney@niu.edu 815-753-1163 Graham 321
Jim Ressler Professor and Physical Education Teacher Education Program Director jressler@niu.edu 815-753-5639 Anderson 228
David Serowka Instructor, Sport Management dserowka2@niu.edu 815-753-1844 N/A
Zachary Wahl-Alexander Associate Professor, Physical Education and Teacher Education zwahlalexander@niu.edu 815-753-3909 Anderson 224
Tyler Wood Assistant Professor and Clinical Education Coordinator, Athletic Training Education twood1@niu.edu 815-753-1418 Anderson 231
Paul Wright EC Lane and MN Zimmerman Endowed Professor pwright@niu.edu 815-753-1407 Anderson 233
Laurie Zittel Professor, Adapted Physical Activity lzape@niu.edu 815-753-1425 Anderson 238

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