About the College of Education

When NIU welcomed its first students in 1899, it was to train them to be teachers. Known then as the Northern Illinois State Normal School, the university's mission was to prepare students to teach in Illinois schools. More than a century later, the College of Education remains dedicated to this goal.

Today, we're the second-largest provider of teachers in the state:

  • One of every five Illinois superintendents is a Huskie.
  • One of every nine Illinois principals is a Huskie.
  • One of every 16 Illinois teachers is a Huskie.

Our award-winning and widely published faculty engage in high-quality teaching, research and service to prepare students for personal and professional success. We're also committed to building a culture of belonging, and we strive to equip students to be leaders and advocates for social change.

Emphasis on Innovation

We're guided in our efforts by our Strategic Action Planning Framework. The framework prioritizes innovation and allows us to adapt to students' evolving needs. Our College Strategic Innovation Team (C-SIT) also works to identify and implement new ideas aligned with the college's goals.

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