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Every day that you "take on the world" in your job, you're hoping to do better than the day before. To learn something. To teach something. To change something. You want to climb the proverbial ladder to positively impact not only your own career but your colleagues and workplace as well.

At some point, you've wondered how earning your bachelor's degree would catapult you to the peaks you want to reach – and then to the higher peaks beyond those.

Wonder no more.

The NIU College of Education's Adult Degree Completion programs give you knowledge and skills directly relevant to your career – or, if you want, to land a new one with different challenges.

  • Our tuition is affordable, and we can help you apply for financial aid.
  • Our faculty are qualified and caring. Our course delivery is flexible (and often online) because we understand the lives of busy adults with jobs, families and other commitments.
  • Our assessment of your prior learning could turn into credits that shorten your journey.
  • Our real-world, hands-on opportunities can transport you throughout the region, across the country and around the world – either in person or from the comfort of your computer, and these experiences are often at little or no cost to you.

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