Natalie Young, Ed.D.
Assistant Professor, Early Childhood Education


Special and Early Education (SEED)


  • Ed.D., Northern Illinois University, Curriculum & Instruction
  • Ed.S., National Louis University, Administration & Leadership
  • MS.Ed., Northern Illinois University, Early Childhood
  • BS., Northern Illinois University, Early Childhood

Research Interests

Natalie Young, Ed.D, has had a lifelong interest in serving and supporting young children and their families. After graduating from National Louis University with an Educational Specialist Masters Degree, Young completed her doctoral studies at Northern Illinois University with a focus in curriculum and instruction.

Young began her teaching career as a primary grade-level classroom teacher in an underserved community on the outskirts of Chicago. Raised in the same community, Young highlights her elementary classroom experiences as the most influential and rewarding part of her career in education.

Her current research interests focus on social justice and the experiences of African-American students and teachers in the field of education. Understanding minorities experiences with race, racism, prejudices, and microaggressions in schools as well as providing diverse experiences to teacher candidates are the primary focus of her research interests and goals.

In her courses Young promotes authentic, engaging, and hands-on experiences of teacher candidates in high-minority and diverse school settings through her Open Doors Program. Young enjoys engaging, motivating, supporting, and helping to develop the skills of future teachers. She highlights that the success of her students in today’s demanding classrooms it what motivates her lessons and instruction.

  • Social justice and diversity.
  • Minority students and teacher experiences in the field of education.
  • African-American experiences in predominantly White education settings.
  • School climate and culture.
  • Making meaningful home/school connections between young children, their teachers and families.
  • Best practices in Primary classrooms.
  • Supportive technology in early education and primary classrooms.

Classes Taught

  • SEEC 300
  • SEEC 340
  • SEEC 410
  • SEEC 425
  • SEEC 430
  • SEEC 485/585
  • SEEC 504
  • SEEC 510
  • SEEC 531

Professor Name

Gabel 166G