Research Partnership with School District 203


This research partnership is a collaborative effort with Naperville School District 203 to deliver and assess the effectiveness of an integrated STEM curriculum that incorporates robotic learning on students' computational thinking and STEM-related affective outcomes. The project aims to evaluate student interactions in this activity, to observe instructional strategies that occur and to assess how a workshop to prepare teachers for curriculum delivery is related to affective outcomes. Meet our team and explore the partnership timeline

Research Objectives

The goals for this project are as follows:

  • Explore the impact of STEM-integrated robotics learning activities on students computational thinking and STEM-related affective factors such as interest, engagement and perseverance.
  • Examine how collaboration and interaction occur during the implementation of STEM-integrated robotics learning activities.
  • Investigate how teacher knowledge, attitude and self-efficacy change during a workshop in STEM-integrated robotics learning activities.

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